Let your hair do
the talking

Master Hair Stylist, Salon Owner and Artist, Dawn Shannon has been doing professional hair styling for over 25 years, specializing in color and color correction, as well as cutting and styling, plus both Brazilian and Japanese Thermal Straightening techniques.


Professional service

This is what you get

  • Wide variety of local and national celebrities
  • Hir Cutting
  • Hair Color
  • Updos

We get better every day thru training and hard work

“I have been asked many times what I like to do most” she adds.”Hair cutting? Color? Updos? My answer is always – ALL OF IT! I love working one-on-one with clients (in my Salon, a studio or on location) as well as doing hair and make-up for photo shoots, film production and fashion shows.”




Little things matter most

The devil is
in the

Professional tools

Professional tools work professionally and make over like a celebrity.

Quality products

Quality is everything; quality can give you quality work and enhance your shape on floor

We even dry hair

Dry hair is decrease your look and hair is also look down, we can fix all of thing from our expertise.


On different occassaions we are offering great and big discounts. Keep eye on our pages and websites.

Hair washing

Hair washing is normal. but we can wash hair genty and smoothly that can never be done before feeling.

Comfortable seats

Quality need time and time require comfort with super comfortable seats can help you reside fix positing while working on your posture.


Wear Cloths that Matter

Dawn Shannon


Years in business

2.5 decades spend to design and make over celebrities to get popular around the world. You are star, just need your make over and success

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  • Dawn was exceptionally helpful and professional throughout my contact with her. Very happy and have passed Dawn's contact details onto several friends after the positive experience. Very highly recommended and if I come to move jobs in the future Dawn will be the first person I contact in helping me make my next move.
    Mandy Dawnkins
  • My consultant was very friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic in helping me get my new job. They were very informative and kept me up to date with any news regarding my role as soon as they had any. Overall I am very pleased with the service I received and would definitely recommend and use Dawn Services again.
    Kate Mudton


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